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Our urology services team is here for you

Urology can be a sensitive subject; that’s why we make sure our expert team is compassionate and supportive. We’ll help you find the right treatment for you to help maintain a happy and healthy life.

mature couple smiling together

What is urology?

Urologists care for people experiencing conditions associated with the urinary tract, including kidneys, bladder, and male reproductive organs. At Touro’s Urology Services, our accomplished specialists and staff diagnose and treat seniors with various urinary conditions. Give us a call if you think you’re having a problem or if you’d like a preventive checkup—we’re here for you with extraordinary, compassionate, and discreet care.

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Let us help you with your urology needs

Our expert urologists not only treat urinary tract issues, but a wide range of conditions that may be affecting your urological health. We know this can be a sensitive subject for many, so we do everything we can to make sure you feel comfortable and to keep your personal information private. Whether you have cancers of the prostate, kidney, or bladder; impotence and performance concerns; testosterone deficiency; or urinary incontinence, we’ve here for you with compassionate, expert urological care.

Urologic surgeries

Nowadays there are a multitude of surgeries that benefit people with urological conditions. At Touro’s Urology Services department, we offer an extensive range of surgeries using the da Vinci Surgical System, a robotic console that allows surgeons to perform minimally invasive procedures (like many urologic surgeries and vasectomies)—which in turn allows for quicker recovery rates and less trauma to your body. Our team takes every precaution to make sure you’re comfortable and feel like a partner in your recovery process.

We’re the experts in aging