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All the services you need in one place

At this stage of the game, you want everything in one convenient place—so that’s what we provide at Touro Senior Care. Our extraordinary team offers a complete care facility, with treatment for a range of specialties from preventive care to chronic disease.

mature couple smiling together

An emergency department geared toward seniors

Unfortunately, health emergencies are a reality. The team at Touro Senior Care aims to make the experience a little less stressful with a dedicated senior emergency room. You’ll know exactly where to go or where to take your loved one in the event of a health emergency.

group of smiling seniors

Top-notch cancer care services

We believe our seniors deserve the best, no matter their diagnosis. That’s why we provide outstanding cancer care services. Our team will stay by you or your loved one’s side every step of the way, from the initial diagnosis through an array of treatment options. We also understand that cancer isn’t just physical—patients deal with emotional challenges as well. Our team offers support services for cancer survivors and rehabilitation for those who need it.

older woman with home caregiver

Talk to us about heart and vascular care

Seniors who trust Touro Senior Care have the unique opportunity to see some of the most reputable experts in heart health. You or your loved one will receive top-of-the-line diagnostic services, as well as have the chance to explore non-surgical treatments. Our heart and vascular care focuses on the patient’s individuality, and each of our seniors receives personalized treatment from knowledgeable staff.

Primary care for seniors

Consistent primary care is important at any age, but it’s especially so for seniors. You want a doctor who knows you—one who knows your unique needs and what works best for you. With a variety of compassionate caregivers available, Touro’s Senior Care has just the doctor for you.

Specialized treatment for senior patients

Our team of expert physicians provide seniors with a range of specialized treatment services:


Our top-notch urologists can address problems with the urinary tract, kidneys, and bladder.

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Orthopedic Care

The Orthopedic & Spine Center is well-equipped to care for senior patients dealing with chronic pain and those who need joint replacement surgery.

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Stroke Care

If your loved one has recently had a stroke, we'll work with them to recover. We offer physical, occupational, and speech therapy.

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Heart and Vascular Care

Heart conditions are very common in the United States. Our experienced physicians can help you address these issues and restore your health.

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Cancer Care

If you're dealing with the aftermath of a cancer diagnosis, our team wants to help you. We'll be with you from diagnosis through treatment.

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rehab-physical therpy

Whether you've experienced an injury or recently had surgery, our rehabilitation team will help you restore your mobility and ease of movement.

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Learn more about Amazing Agers

We welcome our seniors to participate in our Amazing Agers program. At Touro Senior Care, we know growing older doesn’t have to mean giving up a social life or the activities you love. In this program, you’ll have the chance to socialize, attend health fairs, sit in on educational events, and much more. Seniors will also enjoy exclusive access to our monthly newsletter, book club, live cooking demonstrations, and support groups.

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We’re the experts in aging