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Orthopedic care specifically for seniors

We know that seniors have very specific needs where orthopedic and spine treatments are concerned. That’s why we’re equipped to perform both traditional and minimally invasive procedures. And our Touro team makes sure our patients feel comfortable and informed, helping them get back to their normal, active lives as quickly as possible.

Do I need joint replacement surgery?

Joint replacement surgery is common—around 500,000 Americans choose this option each year. But is it right for you? Our team at Touro can provide all the information you need to make a smart decision, whether you’re seeking comfort or cure, if your severe joint pain is negatively affecting your life, and whether you’re up to committing to a lengthy rehabilitation. Give us a call—we can help you navigate these issues.

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We’ve got special programs just for seniors

Our extraordinary caregivers at Touro’s Orthopedic & Spine Center know that successful recovery from surgery is easier to achieve when you have a strong support system, and we provide that, whether you have family members to help in your recovery or not. You may be interested in taking advantage of our group healing programs. Each day, we schedule up to 15 joint patients to go through in-hospital recovery together, because it’s not so daunting when you’re recovering as a group under the care of our supportive team.

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