"I feel like I can run a marathon now. It has changed my life." See Gwendolyn's Story
"I'm more than a survivor. I'm in for the long haul and I feel like I'm going to do this and there's no stopping me." See Virginia's Story
"I have a family that’s with me all the way. As I walk through my treatment, they walk with me." See Patricia's Story
"I'm now a survivor who looks at others and goes 'You can make it'" See Deborah's Story
"On his anniversary of receiving dialysis, Thomas Franklin..." See Thomas's Story
"They treat you like an individual, not just as another number. They have given me a lot of hope." See Malou's Story
"What I think the problem is with people that don't understand, not knowing is the scariest part. So if they look at me, I want them to look in the mirror and say 'This is the other side'" See Kathleen's Story
"For every movement I am working on, I already feel it is paying off. That’s why I’m putting all of my effort in." See Sylvia's Story
"I was healed one time and I will be healed again." See Dorothy's Story
"I’m a completely different person. I was so close to giving up, and this was my last hope." See Janis's Story
"The Cancer Rehabilitation Program at Touro helped me through my recurrence of breast cancer and to return to my life and doing the things I love." See Marguerite's Story
"Dr. Zakris was highly recommended. I love her and her staff. They are fabulous. When you are going through something like this, their friendliness really puts you at ease." See Kaye's Story
"When you go through the hallways here, people talk to you. It’s not like the cold, sterile hospital environments where no one acknowledges you. You can tell that it’s become part of the culture here." See Linda's Story
"" See I am a strong believer that everything happens for a reason's Story
"" See You Have To Have A Doctor You Can Talk To's Story